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What Clients Are Saying....

I wanted to thank you personally for your image consulting presentation to our group at Boeing Today. When the staff heard that we would have an Image Consultant as a guest speaker, they were a bit skeptical. However, the group was pleasantly surprised to learn how important presentation is and personal impressions are for individual and company branding. I believe we left the meeting with an increased awareness of image and how it affects perceptions and performance. Thanks again for your enlightening presentation.

Rick Tkach, Manager - Process Quality
The Boeing Company, Long Beach, CA

Brush Real Estate and Financial Services enjoyed the opportunity of having Paula Dabney address our group last December at our annual planning meeting. She brought a refreshing and challenging look at how our organization could enhance our professional image both personally and corporately. She was well received by our group and her suggestions have resulted in a more polished, professional image. I would highly recommend her to any company.

Debbie Brush, Realtor

Forty years in the restaurant business and I thought I had pretty much seen everything I needed to see to make my restaurant be at the top of its game. I was wrong. Paula Dabney's presentation on how to make your business more exciting and professional in appearance and conduct was one of the most insightful presentations I have ever been to. Her energized and motivational approach to dealing with employees improving their appearance and how to approach the public in a more purposeful manner was extremely educational.
Her ability to engage the staff and keep them interested in how to maintain the proper image of professionalism and be the ambassadors of our restaurant to our guests had immediate affect. I would highly recommend Ms. Dabney to any company seeking to improve their staff's image and take their business identity to a higher level.

Michael McGeath, Proprietor
Trattoria Acqua, La Jolla, CA

I think the image training was one of the most important topics during training. Your seminar definitely brought out the importance of how we present ourselves both verbally and non-verbally and how it affects our career and our company's bottom line. We have learned so much!

Bobbie Sauvain, VP of Operations
Abso, Roseville, CA

When I was given the task to refresh the image of the Del Mar Race Track, I was very fortunate to have Paula Dabney present to me a professional yet casual appearance for our staff. Paula’s knowledge in fashion design and etiquette is clearly displayed in her presentations. I have found that through the years, all of her tips have been extremely helpful in producing a professional image at the track. Paula has worked with me since 1991 and I will continue to use her services so that we may remain current and produce the professional image that she has helped us develop.

Kathleen McDonald
Director of Purchasing & Merchandising
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club

I can't thank you enough for all the help you've given me. I've always known how I wanted to look, but was surprise to learn how easy it could be to achieve it! Now I feel perfectly dressed for any occasion. What I hadn't expected was how this has simplified my life. Paula, it gives me confidence to know that your exquisite taste and expert advice is right there when I need it. Thanks again.

Sharon Laursen
Phoenix, AZ