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Image Impact offers a variety of services for professionals who understand the importance of making an investment to upgrade their image.  At Image Impact, we assess your image in a number of areas and provide recommendations to capitalize on your assets through: 

Body Analysis – Line, Style....

We begin with a complete evaluation of your body characteristics, which will help you understand your line, style and proportion so you will instinctively know how to choose clothes accordingly. You will also learn how to choose accessories - from jewelry to eyeglasses - that will complement and highlight your features.

Designed for people of any age, the evaluation is custom-designed for YOU! It includes an innovative portfolio that shows you exactly which garment styles, lengths, fabrics, accessories and specialty wear will suit your body best and enhance your appearance.

Wardrobe – Three Seconds Make a Difference

Your clothes convey a message and make a statement before you have a chance to say a word.  Within three seconds, you are evaluated and people judge you… even if it is just a glance. This first impression process occurs in every new situation, and once the first impression is made, it is virtually irreversible.

You can learn to make a positive and lasting first impression, modify it to suit any situation, and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Take control of the message you send and let Image Impact help you assess and identify your personality, physical appearance, lifestyle and goals. Those who do will have the advantage.

Color Analysis – Bringing Out Your Best

This state-of-the art process includes a personal color palette and shopping tool that aids you in the selection of clothing, accessories, hair color and make-up that will always enhance your best features.