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Image Perception Management is Crucial to Organizational Success


Do your employees and management team present themselves in a way that is consistent with your product and organizational goals?

Professional and technical expertise are no longer the absolute keys to business success. In today's evolving business market, the way your company presents itself can be the distinguishing factor between you and your competition. In fact, marketing research has established that your staff will most often determine the future of your business, based on the first impressions they make on your potential customers. First impressions make a lasting impression

Your employees’ “soft skills” – their etiquette and behavior in all business situations — can have a profound effect on the success and reputation of your organization.   When someone leaves an organization, how often do you hear people say, "they just didn't fit in” or “they just didn't work out”?  That's generally speaking to some deficit on the soft skills side.

Our curriculum and training will hone your staff’s soft skills in these important areas:

•           Appearance

Elements of the seminars include: 

 The Effective Image The Basic Working Wardrobe • The Four Levels of Casual Dress • Dressing for your Body Type • Grooming Tips • Style, Fabric, Color • Wardrobe Dos and Don’ts in the workplace and much more to give you the tools to make a positive lasting impression that is consistent with your company brand.

•           Business Etiquette

Elements of the seminars include:

 How to Make an Entrance and Work a Room • Handshaking - The Ultimate Greeting • Introducing Yourself and Others • Responding to Introductions • How to Remember Names • Business Cards • Corporate Gift Giving • Pre-meeting Strategies • Rank and Status •Strategic Dos and Don'ts.

•           Dining Skills

Elements of the seminars include:

 Business Entertaining • Host and Guest Duties • Silverware Savvy • Napkins •The Silent Service Code • American and Continental Styles of Eating • Forms of Service • Toasting • Eating Various Foods • Dining Dos and Don'ts.

•           Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication

Elements of the seminars include:

 In today's competitive market, it is crucial to deliver a succinct, on-point message to your customers.  Communication Styles • Conversation Skills • Body Language • Rhythm of Body & Gestures •   Communication Dos and Don’ts.

•           International Protocol Skills

Elements of the seminar include:

 A Basic Guide to High-and-Low Context Cultures •International Gestures • Handshaking Internationally • International Briefings • International Gift Giving • Customs, and Cultural Differences • International Dos and Don’ts.

Empowered with these skills, your employees will become strategic assets, using their finely honed talents to enhance business relationships.

Workshops and seminars are available for groups, businesses, or communities.